For three days, innovation was the motto of the 10th edition of South Summit. Companies, startups, stakeholders, and investors from all around the world were present. Portugal stood out with 10 companies.


Published on 20th of June 2022, in Diário de Notícias. Full report here.

After ten years since the first edition, the South Summit keeps growing from year to year with a community of startups, companies, and investors that show the advantages of new technologies in a world increasingly marked by entrepreneurship. “This is an event of opportunities. Here, the startups have a higher exposition to international investors. In 10 years, the South Summit turns out in a “unicorn” in terms of impact”, explains Juan José Güemes, president of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the IE University and one of the organizers of the event that occurred between the 8 to 10th of June, in the capital of Spain.

“Since the beginning that South Summit worked surprisingly well. Looking back, what was achieved by Maria Benjumea (founder and president of Startup Spain) contributes to transform the economy of Spain and to create an authentic revolution in the startups of the country”, highlights.

CBR Genomics proved to be a startup that puts the last scientific advances in the clinical context through the study of genetic information and it promises to revolute the future of medicine, turning it more preventive and accessible.

Mário Grãos, chief operating officer of CBR Genomics, explains that “this is a company that provides genetic sequencing services in the clinical environment” and it has the goal to “create a synergy between doctors and people in order to monitor their health in a preventive and personalized way”.

“The idea is to sequence the total exome, the 20 thousand genes that constitute the genetic information of a human. The data will be, then, stored with the possibility to access them throughout life”.

This edition of South Summit was also marked by the presence of 15 unicorns (companies evaluated in more than a thousand million dollars), three thousand startups, more than 650 speakers, and eight stages, with a highlight to the conversation with Al Gore, the ex- vice-president of the United States, Mariya Gabriel, actual European commissary to the Economy and Digital Society and a speech to the Spain Prime Ministry, Pedro Sánchez.