Genomics at the service of Medicine

We feel the urgency of putting the latest scientific advances at the service of Medicine, with a positive impact on People's lives, by bringing the genetic information into the clinical practice, to improve clinical outcomes.

Our Vision

In the future, checking the DNA sequence will be as ubiquitous and accessible as blood testing or X-ray exams are today.


At CBR Genomics, we put Genomics at the service of Medicine, with a positive impact on People's lives - of Patients and their Doctors. We develop clinical tools to support physicians' decisions based on the invaluable information held in the DNA, improving healtcare outcomes as well as people’s quality of life, and extending longevity.

With our genetic services, it is possible to experience the Future of Medicine.

of genetic diseases apperance
of disease development, with a proactive and timely approach
of clinical decisions and interventions
and empowerment of individuals on their health management

With our technology, DNA is a lifelong resource for healthcare management.

in the clinical reports, they are based on highly curated scientific data
of patients’ identity
in the storage of genetic data

Meet DNA.files Services

Based on the latest advances in Science and DNA sequencing technology, we have developed genetic analyses (DNA.files) by studying hundreds of genes associated with diseases, from a saliva sample.

Early screening for genetic diseases and timely clinical actions allow to significantly reduce the time to diagnosis, prevent or mitigate the diseases’ development, and promote a better and longer life.

A postnatal genetic analysis, as a complement to the heel prick test, developed to improve the babies and children’s quality of life, by screening for mutations in more than 500 genes related to about 300 paediatric diseases, before the first symptoms appear.

Telemedicine appointments for greater convenience

We are moving Genetic Medicine to the next level, closer to individuals, with specialised Medical Geneticists.

With our Telemedicine services, we offer personalised Genetic Appointments.

With our patented technology, DNA becomes a life-long resource for health management

DNA, the code of life, is unique and holds invaluable information regarding our health. We bring the key to unlock, read and interpret what is written in the genes. Once sequenced and stored by us, it is possible to perform multiple analysis from genes throughout a lifetime. Our technology provides easy-to-read reports containing highly curated genetic information relevant for healthcare management.

Controlled data access


Full data anonymity


Secure data storage


Automated genetic query & report

Grants & Awards
We uniquely merge Genetic Medicine at Digital Health
Clinical Research Grant
Our DNA analysis methodology was validated by In2Genome, a project promoted by CBR Genomics, in partnership with the Medical Genetics Unit of the Paediatric Hospital of Coimbra and the Advanced Sequencing Unit of Biocant. This project allowed us to develop a new approach for the molecular diagnosis of patients with some type of intellectual deficit, with a diagnosis rate significantly higher than most reported studies.
Basic Science Research Grant
The QuantumMining project aims to develop a new generation of cryptographic technologies, based on the realisation of both high-speed and secure quantum oblivious transfer (QOT) cryptographic primitive.
Trademark international development and promotion
International Expansion of the ELSIE System (INEXELSys)
Project developed to put ELSIE system on a use phase by selected entities in each country, firstly on a demonstration phase and afterwards in a commercial and sales phase.
Intelectual Property
Patented Technology
Our proprietary Technology, Genome Query Handling, with patents granted in the United States and Europe, as well as deposits in other territories. It provides easy-to-read genomic reports containing relevant information for prescription, diagnosis and prognosis, and allows the storage of users' personal and genetic data in a secure, encrypted, anonymous and confidential way.

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