We are shaping the Future of Personalised Medicine

We bring the wealth of genetics to the daily clinical practice. The most advanced genomic knowledge at the service of health.

Our Vision

In the Future, the DNA sequence analysis will be as trivial as blood testing or X-ray.


We are a Genomics-as-a-Service company that brings Genetic Information to the physician’s practice, improving clinical outcomes.

With our genetic services, it is possible to experience the Future of Medicine.

of genetic diseases apperance
of disease development, with a proactive and timely approach
of clinical decisions and interventions
and empowerment of individuals on their health management

With our technology, DNA is a lifelong resource for healthcare management.

in the clinical reports, they are based on highly curated scientific data
of patients’ identity
in the storage of genetic data


Meet Our Genetic Services

Our end-to-end solutions screen for hundreds of genetic diseases and produce simple and personalised genetic reports.

Early screening enables the timely detection of genetic alterations and, in turn, a proactive action to prevent or delay the development of severe genetic diseases.

GenOrigin is a genetic screening for newborns, infants and toddlers that identifies 222 clinically actionable genetic diseases with childhood and juvenile onset.
Launching Soon

Telemedicine appointments for greater convenience

We are moving Genetic Medicine to the next level, closer to individuals, with specialised Medical Geneticists.

With our Telemedicine services, we offer personalised Genetic Appointments.

With our patented technology, DNA becomes a life-long resource for health management

DNA, the code of life, is unique and holds invaluable information regarding our health. We bring the key to unlock, read and interpret what is written in the genes. Once sequenced and stored by us, it is possible to perform multiple analysis from genes throughout a lifetime. Our technology provides easy-to-read reports containing highly curated genetic information relevant for healthcare management.

Controlled data access


Full data anonymity


Secure data storage


Automated genetic query & report

Grants & Awards
We uniquely merge Genetic Medicine at Digital Health
Top 25 Portuguese SMEs to scale-up
EIT Digital is an organisation at the forefront of digital and business transformation in Europe. 2018
Clinical Research Grant
The In2Genome project intended to revolutionise the diagnosis of genetic diseases, through the development of a new methodology for exome analysis and release of the respective molecular report.
Basic Science Research Grant
The QuantumMining project aims to develop a new generation of cryptographic technologies, based on the realisation of both high-speed and secure quantum oblivious transfer (QOT) cryptographic primitive.
Intelectual Property
Patented Technology
Our proprietary Technology, Genome Query Handling, is protected by an international patent (WO 2017/102390). It provides easy-to-read genomic reports containing relevant information for precise and personalised clinical decisions on prescription, diagnosis and prognosis.